What is ARIJ Annual Forum #ARIJ21?

Why “Journalism & Accountability in a Disrupted World”?

Why a Virtual Forum?

ARIJ (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism) annual forum is the Arab world’s biggest gathering for investigative journalists and supporters of independent media. The 2021 Forum was held under the theme: “Journalism & Accountability in a Disrupted World”.


The fundamental purpose of journalists is to provide the society with the information needed to be aware and engaged. Due to the recent global disruptions, those in power have been seizing the pandemic as an opportunity to silence journalists, restrict their access to information and contribute to partial, if not total, media blackout. It has become more important than ever for journalists to hold the powerful accountable for their actions. In light of that, ARIJ has selected the 2021 Forum theme; “Journalism & Accountability in a Disrupted World”.


ARIJ 2021 Forum was designed to be virtual for the second year. With many still working remotely along with lockdowns, curfew hours, travel restrictions and a fluctuating number of cases, the situation of 2021 remained uncertain. Hence, and although it wasn’t an easy decision, we believe the best option was to welcome participants to its virtual realm again. The safety of our journalists must remain our number one priority, with the hopes that we will be able to meet in person in 2022. 


The ARIJ Forum is a chance to explore new directions, tackle the current challenges, share knowledge and network with leaders of Arab and global investigative journalism movements; and is an annual event to boost reporting skills, learn new tools, and get acquainted with the latest trends in investigative reporting. There are also opportunities to network with TV broadcasters, technology companies, and universities from around the globe. Journalists will learn how to counter the legal, political, professional, economic, and societal challenges hindering the role of the “Fourth Estate” in ensuring accountability. ARIJ’s Forum is a golden opportunity to train and equip journalists to serve as society’s watch-dogs in favour of democracy, transparency and the rule of law in one of the world’s most autocratic regions. It also gives Arab media lecturers and media students a chance to interact with professionals.

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Take a look at one of the most significant Forums in Journalism in the Arab World. Over 5400 participants benefited from the 40+ sessions about investigative journalism, tools and skills needed to produce better reporting

#ARIJ21 Speakers

Our speakers come to share knowledge and to stimulate innovation and growth in Investigative Journalism in the MENA region
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#ARIJ21 Partners

View our partners who took part in ARIJ’s Forum 2021 and helped us create a legacy of impact.

About #ARIJ21

In our 14th Annual Forum and 2nd Virtual Forum, we welcomed more than 5400 participants from 60+ countries. 

Explore all our coverage from the ARIJ fourteenth forum, second virtual forum, on the hashtag #ARIJ21 across all our social media platforms.



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ARIJ’s 14th Annual Forum #ARIJ21

ARIJ’s annual forum is the biggest gathering in the MENA region for investigative journalists and supporters of independent media. Join over 1000 Arab and international investigative journalists, coaches, editors and supporters from more than 40 countries. ARIJ21 is held under the theme: “Journalism and Accountability in a Disrupted World”.

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